Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Albert's custom XXL Mush Buster


  1. Wayne,

    Super nasty. Can't wait to give it a whirl next weekend.

    I'll send you a photo of me standing next to it so you can get some scale. You can then share with everyone else that wants a XXL Mush Buster!

  2. i like that red oak leaf that new?

  3. Nice one Albert and Wayne.
    How are you going to run it? Quad or Tri ?

  4. Nice!!! dims? dims? dims? :p

  5. Convertible 5-fin Futures. More options, more fun!

    6'5" x 22.5" x 3.25" yeah... right here!

    1. Hey Wayne,
      What kind of future fins do you reccomend for this board?

  6. Red, White and Blue Oak leaf.

    I have these stashed away. I thought it was appropiate since it's being delivered over the July 4th holiday...

  7. Hi W, this is Alex A.
    Love it. Love the outline. It's nice to see the MB scale up like that. Call me boring but I'd love to see one in the same dims with a rounded tail. Or rounded squash. I'm sure the diamond tail works great tough.
    Lucky you Albert. Can't wait to see the pics (yep, eventhough I don't know you, I'm gonna hold you to it).



  8. How do you shape a short board 6-5 that's 3 1/4" thick? What blank did you use? The shape looks killer.

  9. Alex, thanks! I'm sure Albert will give us an update when he gets some time on his XXL M-B.

    The diamond tail compliments this shape well, as the M-B is a small wave groveling type of shape that can kick it up a notch if needed. The diamond tail shortens the rail line at the outer corners, thus makes the board feel shorter in and out of turns.

    This particular XXL-M-B was shaped from the center of a USBlank 82A, the blank plug was designed by Pat Rawson which he gives credit to Ben Aipa for design input. It's a nice blank for bigger guys to get full maximum thickness and foils. This blank specs 8'3" x 25 1/8" x 4.0" thick. Most shapers can't relate to the volume and foil. It's an awsome blank plug.


  10. Wayne,

    Took the stick out today in chest high conditions. The board fits me perfectly and floats me like a champ. I caught more waves than I can remember. The first time I stomped the tail to turn the board reacted so fast I fell off immediately. I'm going to need to get more accustomed to the responsiveness.

    You have a customer for life in me. I'm sold.

    Thanks for shaping a board that fits my weight and my conditions. I will post a thorough review a pictures soon.

    You are the man.


  11. Albert,
    That's good to hear, going 5"-6" shorter will quicken things up. Keep me posted on how the board works out. Enjoy!