Thursday, June 24, 2010

Terrence's custom Super Dyna-Glyde

Update from Terence 7/13/10
I've surfed my SDG three times. The first session was in wind blown crap: result, promising. The second session was in 4' to 6' surf with increasing wind: result, fun. Third session was today in 10' swell with 13 second period in windy but ok conditions: result, lots of Dyna with just a touch of Glyde. Today's session proved to me why I was attracted to the SDG design. The looseness and speed of the quad was amazing. I scorched through sectioning walls and spurted ahead of sections, even into a stiff headwind. This is the best longboard I've surfed. You have a very satisfied customer.
Terence A
GB, Oregon


  1. hi wayne
    what's the difference between a super dyna glyde vs a dyna glyde?
    all the boards been looking unreal by the way!

  2. Hi Isaac,
    Each Dyna-Glyde is custom so each one will be customized to the individual. You will not see 2 exact Dyna-Glydes unless the person ordered it as a reproduction. I scan each and everyones own version when completed for future reference.

    Thanks for the props! Hope your Dyna Glyde is holding up well.


  3. Isaac, sorry, the Super D-Glydes are just a refernce term for very large volume versions. Terrences for dims for example 9'6" x 23 1/2" x 3.6". Super for a Dyna-Glyde, as the first Dyna orginated from a 7 footer...


  4. Looking good. A yellow Super D-G in polyester with no gloss and polish should be as fast as it gets. My stoke meter is high.


  5. Terence, I am scanning your board at the moment, I hope to be finished with digitizing and programming by Monday. I will finish packaging and schedule your Amtrak delivery early next week. Thanks for being patient!