Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Terence's custom Double Step "Kinda Blue" Noserider

Deya's custom LeR-WN-WT

Dave's custom XXL Mush Buster 5-Fin Futures Convertible

Sanjay's custom NN Bryd-Fish II

Brian's custom LeR-WN-WT glassed

Another Update from Brian 10/26/20
Hey Wayne, Just had to let you know that I finally caught my homebreak on a decent day so I got to gauge the board in familiar waters and this thing just kicks ass. Taking lines with ease that took a lot of effort/bog on previous boards. Frontside cutbacks are so much smoother and I'm coming out of them with speed on the rebound. I had a hard time maintaining speed on previous boards as they drew a bigger line so I found myself bogging out before I could complete the full roundhouse, esp in the mushy surf at the homebreak. Now i'm generating speed for functional cutbacks, finally. Can't wait for a good NW'er to roll through Steamer so I can see test this on the backhand!Thanks again Wayne - so stoked!-Brian
Brian, Stoked your enjoying the ride! Wayne
UPDATE; Email 10/12/19 from Brian,
Wayne, I can't begin to tell you how stoked I am on the new board - all's I can say is thank you for shaping the best board I've ever ridden in all my 15+ years of surfing. I've had Merricks, Rustys, Docs, DHD's, and other customs and nothing has come close to how good this board rides. You've brought my surfing to a whole new level man, this is the board I've been searching for.
Unwrapped the board in Jalama and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. Surf was waist to chest most days but scored some head high on the last day. Wayne let me tell you, this board did all the things that I wanted to do in my mind. Roundhouses easy, little stalls in the pocket no prob, full rail bottom turns to double pump bottom turns simple, pump through flat sections with ease, and the low entry rocker got into most every wave like I was on a longboard. I can't thank you enough for bringing new fire to my surfing, it's like I'm a kid again.So stoked Wayne! You are a true master at what you do -
thank you.-Brian

Thank you for update, I appreciate you taking the time to send me pics of your previous shapes and your detailed feedback of them. This helps me to formulate your shape, the more information the better. When you showed up at the shop with out your boards and, after orignally discussing designs I was orginally thinking of totally different shapes for you. Not only after your email with the pics of your boards did I have a better understanding of what type of shape would be ideal for you.
Thanks again,

Tom's custom GT3-10 glassed