Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hydroflex Epoxy/Poly Pocket Rocket for Wellsy

New Micro Pocket Rocket for Ed at Hydroflex

New Micro Series of high performance shortboard shapes I call the Pocket Rockets. This one is shaped for Ed at Hydroflex specializing in epoxy vacuum bag technology. Shaped from a USblank orange density foam and will go under the Hydroflex methods.

The benefits of vacuum bag epoxy lamination's to polyurethane foam are strength (much more solid than hand lamination with an even adhesion to the foam) with excellent flex properties. Using polyurethane foam eliminates the wonky feeling the EPS foams have a tendency to have also with out all the heat sensitivity. Poly foam also shapes much more accurately and easier to fine tune shapes. It's a blending of the best of both worlds. ; )