Thursday, August 11, 2011

Custom QWAD Fish for Momo


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  2. Wow, this board just looks awesome in every way Wayne. Digging the wishbone. It reminds me of the fish I rode in El Sal, but I'm sure it's different, especially the tail.

    Deleted previous comment, where I asked what the dims were, since I saw you gave them out to Nate on the pre-glass post below :)

  3. Hi Wayne,
    Long time no comment. Curious about your latest shapes. What's the difference between your QWADs and a Mush Buster? Seems like they could serve the same purpose?

  4. Hey Rus,
    QWAD is in the vein of a "fish" DNA, the Mush Buster has it's roots in the modern shortboard the main design feature that makes the MB unique is the fast entry rocker combined with a down rail similar to the QWAD but incorporates a foil and rocker of a beefier shortboard.

    The Mush Buster was designed to be a link between a Fish styled board and a modern shortboard.