Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Custom Dyna-Glyde 4+1 for Greg

Futures premium Honeycomb F4 quad upgrade.

"The Blend" 5-fin convertible for Keith

Rasta double foiled quad trailers.

Custom Squashed Skate Tri for Alex

 6/4/12 Update from Alex

Hi Wayne,
It's late I know, but I thought I should send this email today before another crazy week prevents me to do so. I took the board for a spin today, the waves were crap and I cold only go for an hour but I just couldn't wait. (Beside if a daily driver does well in crap surf, it'll go well no matter what, right?)
Wayne, you made me a great board. I am beyond stoked. The volume is spot on. It's obviously way less volume than any of my other boards, and yet it doesn't feel like it. It's so nice to get into the water and realize that buoyancy is not gonna be an issue. It paddles great, and catches waves VERY easily. I was really surprised by how much the board want to go. And then the speed just completely took me by surprised. It just flew, and from first bottom turn everything felt really good. The board is very maneuverable yet set fast, yet very stable. You've stricken the perfect balance with that one. It's exactly what I wanted to be and I'm sure it will be more. I think I'm gonna retire my fish for the next few months. I cannot wait to try this one in any conditions. This is going to motivate me to get out more often.

Thanks you so much Wayne. I. AM. STOCKED!!!! : ))))
Cheers, and have a good week,


Alex, Thanks for the update! Enjoy the board in good health! Wayne

Clark Foam Private Rocker Catalog

I get the occasional request from customers or even other shapers to divulge my rocker specs for my shapes. Nothing personal but, I like to keep my rocker specs "close to my vest". For myself as a shaper I view rockers as a key design element that will make or break a shape, IMHO rockers are the foundation to a successful shape.

The Clark Foam private rocker catalog was considered the bible to the design foundation of modern shapes it is considered the "Holy Grail" of rocker data. This catalog was dated 5/11/05, 7 months prior to the "Black Monday".

This catalog is 116 pages long. Clark only kept rocker specs for a few months, if for some reason the rockers were not used in a few months they got tossed... it was an up to date archive of rockers that were progressing. A huge data base of incremental changes that were constantly evolving.

Clark Foam "Black Monday" 12/05/05 letter. Still unopened... :(

Gordon Clark's classic yearly diatribe. These were some gems, couldn't wait to read them. Introspects of an eccentric fella, God speed

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dyna-Glyde 4+1 for Bart

Update from Bart 6/18/12

Wayne I love this board. Thanks so much again. I am really having fun in the surf riding it as both a single and a quad. A number of guys have inquired about the board. I have had 5-6 sessions in weak surf since p/u and really look forward to using in some cleaner waves. Bart

Bart, Thanks for taking the time to post your review! Enjoy! : )