Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oak Foils - Roots and Branches Series

Graphic designs by Mitch Meidroth

I have been wanting to start this new label for sometime now, seems like since most of my production shaping time has been spent working with other shapers and other mfgrs boards and design and it seems like the economy is slowly shifting my business to working on my own Oak Foils designs and shapes as most of the other shapers are slowly fading away or have sold their labels to large corporate over seas production staff or have completely gone out of business.

Having the opportunity to have worked with some of the most prolific shapers and designers from the top ASP high performance shapers to the classic traditional and neo traditional shapers has allowed me to gain some deep insights about designs and performance theories from a wide collective array of shapers over the past 5 decades of my shaping career.

This new label will be for the new shapes and designs from that old/new "collectiveness" and possibly some collaboration with some of the great shapers from the past present and future. Impressions of designs and shapes from the past and fused with modern design elements and construction, combination from all the roots and branches of design, shapes and theories from the past with a fusion of the modern and tradition. I have a ton of designs and ideas I would like to see come to life.

If there are any other shapers that would like to become part of this "collectivness" project feel free to contact me. At this time I would like to work with actual shapers and not "designers".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jeff, The Pendulum is ready to swing :-)

Deep purple resin tint, acrylic grey deck spray, acrylic silver pin-lines, cedar/bass/cedar t-band stringer, USblank green density foam.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Custom Double Winged Skate for Koji at Honda

Graphic collage images were done by Alex Monge.

This shape was designed and shaped as a special gift for an employee from Honda of North America as a going away gift. Koji, Good luck and catch a few for me!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

BB Pocket Rocket for Claudio w/ Futures Rasta Boxes

Custom XXL The Blend for Damian

Hukilau like son like father XXL Modern Noserider for Eric

Hukilau Modern Noserider for Kahoa 2 +1

Twin Skate w/ Futures 5-fin convertible for Kahoa at Hukilau

"The Blend" w/ Dyna 6-Channel custom for Albert

Jeffs new/old Bryd-Fish II DNA saved and recloned

Same board different soul. Like a new old friend.