Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Custom OG 2001 GT2 Remake for Mike


Pynzer +1 in WHF EPS Epoxy for Nick



Custom One Trick Pony for Yoshi in UK

Custom Mini Pynzer for Bart

Double Winged Skate for Kenny


7/31/13 Update from Kenny, Boards are sick!!
I've been meaning to shoot you an e-mail for a few weeks! 
Super stoked on both boards! The GT2 is the trusty step up
but I have been riding the skate a ton! 
Great fun, super responsive and I am hacking everything in 
Surfed lowers with the crew yesterday and cottons this morning. 
Your foils are sick! I appreciate your craft and just wanted 
to give a shout and send a thank you!
Kenny, thanks for the update. Enjoy the new sticks in good health!