Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wellsy's custom Quadtana (4-fin Katana)

Yo! Scared Dawg, come and get it!

Damian's custom Quad Kneeboard in EPS / epoxy

Damo, patience is a virtue. Thank you.

Nate's custom Bryd-Fish II

Scalloped Hulls

Elbows be DAMNED!!

Peter's custom "Tanto" Step-Down

The "Tanto" utilizes the same templates as the "Wakizashi" but the rocker profiles have been lowered from the the deck rocker apex. Designed to be ridden 1-2" shorter than normal HPSB 1/4" - 1/2" wider. Designed for good to excellent shaped waves, think reef, points, isolated sand bars, etc.

The "Tanto" a "Step-down" for high performance waves and conditions.

The "Wakizashi" rocker profile considered a "Step-up"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frank's Hog Fish back from Oceanworks

Hog Fish -Chi- Blue density, 1/4" Basswood, 4+4 oz deck / 6oz bottom

Hog Fish -Kai- Blue density, 5/16" Basswood, 4+4 oz deck / 6oz bottom

This is our second generation Hog Fish for Frank he wanted 2 exactly the same but with slightly different stringer glue ups and color deviations.
Special thanks to Airspray artist Rick Karen from Oceanworks for the beautiful fades. Rick has sprayed my shapes off and on for over 15 years or so and I have yet to meet him in person. I guess if your a pro your work speaks for itself. Thanks Rick!

Wellsy's custom Quad Katana Gun

Chris has some big plans for this winter. I hope mother nature cooperates. Go Wellsy!

Bobs Katana back from Oceanworks

Damian's custom Quad Kneeboard in EPS/Epoxy

Damian's kneeboard was a challenge to shape due to no blanks available to accomodate the custom finished dimensions. Thanks to Ken at Segway for taking time to hot wire our custom rockers from solid billets of EPS from American Blanks.