Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wellsy's custom Quadtana (4-fin Katana)

Yo! Scared Dawg, come and get it!


  1. Alex, If this board was for real Mavs I think we would need to add a foot or two, couple inches in width and another inch in thickness. lol..\

    I would consider this shape a high performance gun. Not a sruvival gun.

  2. Yeah, After looking at the size of the fins I saw that the board wasn't as long as it seems and I felt stupid... :P
    Talking about fins, is that a Mckee quad set up, or those it look this way because of the narrow tail?

  3. Mckee toe with slightly pushed up cluster placement. Excellent release and rail to rail responsiveness. Unreal hold with out the centerline tracking from a center fin.

  4. damn!! im scared wayne. what waves/locales were in mind when designing this? really sick board