Thursday, March 22, 2018

2018 Wingnose Dyna Glyde

New modified Wingnose Dyna Glyde is designed with a thicker nose and tail with a down rail up front for added thickness and low rail line for added float and drive. Formulated for larger riders or those looking go shorter in length with out loosing any volume from the standard OG Dyna Glyde for overall added performance.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2018 New "Speed Bryd" High Performance Hybrid

2018 New High Performance Hybrid "Speed Bryd" designed for good waves and traveling. All around daily driver for those not into hp shortboards but still want a solid shape that will lay out a rail turn and release in the pocket. Egg like float and glide with shortboard like performance. 

2018 New Hybrid Twinzer Winged Swallow

New performance hybrid twinzer combined performance designed elements from the high performance shortboard, the fast entry and speed of the fish, the glide and drive of an egg shape, to the fun of a modern high performance longboard combined with years of rocker and template refinements from the 90's to the present.  

2018 Big Boy Twin Fin

New Big Boy Twin Fin! Progressive bottom with double with in a single to 8-channels off tail, added inset short channel for subtle on center stability and drive for the added tail width. Can be set up as a Twin with small trailer. 

2018 "Hang Nail" Whale Tail

This shape was designed for the xl - xxl sized rider with a progressive shortboard inclined approach. Big boys like to launch too! Not for roaches. Rider: Brent Harrison

2018 New Shorter Glider "Shorties Gee Ride" (SGR)

Mild rocker and foiled ends in proportion to thicker mid section. Designed to have a glider foil with a thin but not pinched rail apex with a slight tucked edge. Fun shape for most smaller condition, can be ridden as a "log gun" for those capable and inclined. ;-)