Friday, November 6, 2015

Tyler Hatzikian collaboration "Survivor Series" 6-Channel

 New Collaboration Shape with Tyler Hatzikian. After spending some time in the shaping room discussing designs and shaping techniques we realized we both share similar design philosophy along with similar interests and experiences.

This discussion lead Tyler as a special request to shape him a 6-channel that was inspired by the 6-channels that Al Byrne had shaped for "Kong" during the single fin to tri fin transition period. After seeing the completed foam shape, it inspired him to offer a special series of shapes by other "Survivor" shapers.

Design features a triple stage deck rocker, relatively flat deck with a mild beak nose blending into a true boxed deck rail line. Bottom features a forward vee to panel vee though mid section to pronounced vee incorporated with the 6-channels though tail. Can be formulated as a single, tri, 2 +1, widow maker.

This shape is a celebration of that era and offered as a limited series of shapes available through myself or available through Tyler Surfboards. email: or call 310-322-6861