Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another custom Dyna-Glyde for Nate

Nate riding one of his D-Glydes on nicely lined up runner. (photos by surfknine)

Email from Nate,

"The board really comes off the top and roundhouses well very drivey... I think that the diamond and whale tail are the best for my boards I like the whale tail much better than the swallow on my blue board but then again I have not caught as good of waves as the 7'2.
I will give you a better report when I get more quality surf"

Update from Nate 3/5/10

Nates break, looking lonely. Get well soon!

Wayne here is some crappy iPhone ***** surf pictures, since that's all I can do after my elbow surgery... Had it done two weeks ago, couldn’t hold on to my board when duck diving 2 foot waves.. My new board is fantastic it is very fast mid face and drives hard of the bottom to lip hits... Even got some comments from guys saying that they could see the whole board and fins when I hit it surfs great tell about 12 14 foot then I can ride my winter board or yellow dyna glyde. I like the pivot rears and EA fronts Good tube rider also although I can't tube ride well the board knows where to go... Once again thanks...

Stuart an I are going to main land Mex on the 19 of June. So I have lots of motivation in physical therapy this surgery was way morecomplicated, had to move my tendon from across my elbow to above it...Recovery is quicker though just have to let the bone screw heal then Ican swim ect. Ect. How are guys liking the diamond tail boards those short short boards I am still thinking about one, or a whale tail version that has to be my favorite tail...

Take care

This is Nates third Dyna-Glyde added to his quiver. This is his first Whale Tailed version.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010




Ron, this is a birthday surprise from the guys!

From The Crew,
Doug Nixon, Jordan Smigielski, Mike Steward, Matt Oxton, Joe Didone, Edward Kim, Juan Olivera, Ryan Hupf, Jason Sperry, Kevin Douglas, Jason Laub, Steve Majich, Nathan Bishop, Alan Oriard, Ernest King, Joey Tennison, Justin Grant

Pre glass preview of Ron's new B-day surprise. I will post updated pics of the board when it's finished. Sorry, time didn't allow the board to be finished on time for your birthday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jeff's new XXL WN-WT

I received this email today from Jeff,
"Surfed the board this morning from about 9-11. Hiked in through the cove to the lower point above boneyards by the 2nd cement drain outfall. I'm not sure if this was Lowers or "lower lowers". As I was hiking out there I noticed the lower most section was breaking and that nobody was on it. It was a bit smaller and less consistent then the upper sections but it was really good with occasional bigger lined up wave. Then 1 guy saw me getting all these waves and paddled out. I'd call it head high plus. The board was absolutely unbelievable! From the first wave I felt completely in tune with it. Heaps of speed and control. It was one of the best sessions of the winter. Got some great turns and speed sections. I am really in awe. Dare I say that this is a magic board! These dims are bigger than what I thought I would need but once I got out there on it, I truly wouldn't change a thing! I've had other great ones but this one is REALLY GREAT!"

This shape was not originally for Jeff. Shape was for another customer that went MIA for months. It amazes me sometimes how inconsiderate people can be at times. I have made customs for this person in the past and well aware of the type of volume he needs. Highly specialized shape that isn't from a "skin and turn the rail" type of blank. This was a first generation "DNA" strain that was hand shaped as a master. With any master it requires extra labor and time to file and record the shape.

The customer called me everyday to order this shape and was in contact virtually daily until the boards was shaped. The board was finished months ago, I have called, emailed, and waited for him to call, the board was done 10/1/09 customer called me a couple weeks ago and wanted his board..... Sorry,.. Pal I tried contacting you and no response so I sold it. No apologies, no explanations, nothing.

Stoked it went to a good home where someone will appreciate the board.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stuart's custom Dyna-Glyde in poly.

Stuart sent me an updated pic March 2010.
It still looks just as perfect and no one out.

Some shots of Stuart on his first session back home on his new Dyna-Glyde. Dropping into some clean ones. :)

This is an exact copy of Stuart's EPS/Epoxy Dyna-Glyde we did last year. The EPS broke and Stuart wanted the exact shape in poly and 6oz for winter and overhead surf.

Lime green resin tint by Zyma. I like the way Zyma trims the lap on the ends where you don't see the darker overlap and the bulky thickness of cloth. Small details.

Fruitbison's Romper Room Custom Qwad

Looks like alls well! :) Whew!

Email update from Fruitbison 3/6/10

I mean, really crappy conditions, but the thing flew. Paddles well, completely solid when dropping in, and then turns on a dime without thinking or effort.
The controller quad fins I put in feel solid, but the tail gets nice and loose. It's great. Really gives me a ton of confidence when I'm dropping in and the balance you got with the foam under my chest when paddling is genius!
I got down to the pier but found that I'd forgotten to put in a leash loop, so I had to paddle it out leashless - old school! - so I definitely had to pick my battles.

You've really made something special here, Wayne, if anyone wants to try one out, point them to me.

(It's really going to be a tough call between this and the DynaGlyde now.)

cheers and many thanks

Eric's Custom High Performance Longboard 4+1

Scalloped bottom nose concaves blended through tail. Versatile Convertible 4+1 fin system. Can be ridden as a quad, 2+1, or single.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chris Wells Poly Step Up Replacement

Switched to a PU/PE construction this time. The last EPS w/ PVS stringer didn't fair too long with the all time swells we've been enjoying this winter. Oh well, I guess better ridden to death than on Craiglist.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Custom LR WN-WT 5-fin convertible for Joe

LR WN-WT (Low Entry Rocker / Wide Nose / Wide Tail)

This shape is designed for good shaped beach break type surf. Low entry rocker for good paddling speed and early entry. Single concave with mild tail rocker. Foil is tapered nosed and moderate thickness in tail.

Joe was looking for an all around versatile winter daily driver. Coming from a Lost Rocket which has it's limitation in juicier surf, he was looking for a solid board that would perform in good beach break surf with an emphasis on responsive backside snaps/release.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fruitbison pre glass Qwad preview

Qwad top

Jeff's Bryd-Fish top(for comparo)

Qwad bottom

New Model Qwad custom designed for Fruitbison.
(Q= 4fin W= wide A= and D= drivey)

After reviewing one of Fruitbisons quad and listening to some of the feedback, I reformulated his custom version by modifying the template by shifting the wide point forward, which creates a "reverse tear drop" curve, this allows a nice curve through the tail section, along with the double wings which will allow to square off turns and pivot. For those of you who ride twin keels know of the limitations and the ability of the twin keel to square off repeatedly and predictably with out the tail cavitations. A nice alternative shape for those who like the positive attributes of a twin keel with better all around performance.

The shape and general dimensions were formulated for small So Bay local conditions and all around daily weak to good condition.