Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fruitbison pre glass Qwad preview

Qwad top

Jeff's Bryd-Fish top(for comparo)

Qwad bottom

New Model Qwad custom designed for Fruitbison.
(Q= 4fin W= wide A= and D= drivey)

After reviewing one of Fruitbisons quad and listening to some of the feedback, I reformulated his custom version by modifying the template by shifting the wide point forward, which creates a "reverse tear drop" curve, this allows a nice curve through the tail section, along with the double wings which will allow to square off turns and pivot. For those of you who ride twin keels know of the limitations and the ability of the twin keel to square off repeatedly and predictably with out the tail cavitations. A nice alternative shape for those who like the positive attributes of a twin keel with better all around performance.

The shape and general dimensions were formulated for small So Bay local conditions and all around daily weak to good condition.


  1. Oh yes!!!!
    ready for handprints !!

  2. wayne
    nice I like it how thick?

  3. Nate,
    This is a small one 5'7" x 21 3/4" x 2 3/4".

    By the way your new Dyna-Glyde is being airsprayed and glassed. Should have it back in a couple weeks. I'll post some pics if I get some time.

    Stay tuned!


  4. Hi Wayne

    This one looks real nice. Template reminds me a little of the bryd-fish from a few years ago in terms of wide and flat up front, and reduced tailblock with tail rocker. That board remains my favorite shorter board of all time. One of these days I'll order another one. The only problem is the dynaglide has become my go-to board in all conditions from tiny to triple overhead cove. It's been a great winter so far!


  5. That 9'4 DG is an incredibly versatile shape. Surfed big cove yesterday and shoulder-high sunset today on my 'clone' of your board. Was a total blast!

    Good times!

  6. Jeff, this shape is a completely different animal in comparo to the Bryd-Fish. Both shapes are similar in terms of the wide point being forward and both having double wings/bumps but that's where the similarity ends. Completely diff templates and rockers.

    This new "Qwad" is in the vein of a progessinve modern twin keel.

    The Bryd-Fish is a very low nose rockered progessive tail kicked short board influenced tail half with a round nose.

  7. I was just testing you. Already knew that. -JS


  8. lol, gotta keep the tools sharp.
    I'll post up pics for a comparo.

  9. that's really cool that you keep all those pics and shots. Geez now that you mention it, those profiles are very different. In the spring I might reload up another of those pups. ( bigger though ) JS

  10. Hey JS, I'll give you a shout when the qwad is ready to rock if you want to fondle it. I want to hit you up for some dyna glyde surfs too.