Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fruitbison's Romper Room Custom Qwad

Looks like alls well! :) Whew!

Email update from Fruitbison 3/6/10

I mean, really crappy conditions, but the thing flew. Paddles well, completely solid when dropping in, and then turns on a dime without thinking or effort.
The controller quad fins I put in feel solid, but the tail gets nice and loose. It's great. Really gives me a ton of confidence when I'm dropping in and the balance you got with the foam under my chest when paddling is genius!
I got down to the pier but found that I'd forgotten to put in a leash loop, so I had to paddle it out leashless - old school! - so I definitely had to pick my battles.

You've really made something special here, Wayne, if anyone wants to try one out, point them to me.

(It's really going to be a tough call between this and the DynaGlyde now.)

cheers and many thanks


  1. i think somebody picked that board up w/ something on their hands. hahaahaha

  2. Damn glassers. I wish they would hit the blank with a screen before laminating.

  3. She'll love it when she's older!
    I'll just have to wait a bit, so scary Ol' Uncle Wayne doesn't get the stink eye from her ;)

    I'll see if I can get over to pick it up soon, it's not really the kind of conditions out for this board yet.

  4. I apologize. For some reason kids and small animals seem to avoid me. Don't get it.

  5. Dan, I should be done scanning your board this evening. I am working on it at the moment, I will be working over the weekend if you want we can meet up. Call my cell.

  6. not sure I get it.

  7. I don't think there is anything to "get". but I could wrong, could be some deep esoteric meaning behind it.

  8. Picked it up yesterday and the workmanship on it is exemplary, as expected from Wayne.
    This is another DNA starin from the Oakfoils stables.
    Anyone looking for a great fish/quad daily driver should get over to the stud farm now!

  9. Dan,
    Your board is perfect for today's condition!

    Get out if you can!

  10. I'm still destroying on that GT2WT. You make the choices just too hard some days, Wayne.
    I'm beyond stoked on your boards.

  11. Nice!,,, that's good to hear! We are quickly heading into QWAD season. A few more weeks! :)