Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frank's Hog Fish back from Oceanworks

Hog Fish -Chi- Blue density, 1/4" Basswood, 4+4 oz deck / 6oz bottom

Hog Fish -Kai- Blue density, 5/16" Basswood, 4+4 oz deck / 6oz bottom

This is our second generation Hog Fish for Frank he wanted 2 exactly the same but with slightly different stringer glue ups and color deviations.
Special thanks to Airspray artist Rick Karen from Oceanworks for the beautiful fades. Rick has sprayed my shapes off and on for over 15 years or so and I have yet to meet him in person. I guess if your a pro your work speaks for itself. Thanks Rick!

Wellsy's custom Quad Katana Gun

Chris has some big plans for this winter. I hope mother nature cooperates. Go Wellsy!

Bobs Katana back from Oceanworks

Damian's custom Quad Kneeboard in EPS/Epoxy

Damian's kneeboard was a challenge to shape due to no blanks available to accomodate the custom finished dimensions. Thanks to Ken at Segway for taking time to hot wire our custom rockers from solid billets of EPS from American Blanks.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My favorite gun shape from the 70's in balsa

This was my favorite shape from the 70's. I wanted to make a wall hanger of my favorite shape from that era and this balsa was my first attempt at shaping a balsa. Other than the lumps from my first attempt at shaping a balsa it has survived well over the years. After taking a good looking over I am amazed at how far designs have evolved over the decades.

Recreating the serendipitous Hog-Fish in all it’s glorious lumpiness

Frank showed up one day with his all time magic shape that he wanted faithfully recreated. After repeated attempts the original shaper was not able to successfully recreate his own shape. The original shaper referred Frank to me to attempt and recreate the Hog-Fish in all it’s glorious lumpiness.

The Hog-Fish, originating from a hand shape has many unique areas that have been massaged into the shape. Eccentric as Frank is about his shape, he has an understanding that to recreate the magic requires the surfboard to be recreated in it’s entirety , ie making a small change has a domino effect through the entire design.

Frank wanted to recreate the Hog-Fish with all it’s flaws and all it’s glorified lumpiness….

Original Hog Fish

1st Generation Recreation

2nd Generation Recreation
Unique Original Nose Tips

Recreated Nose tips

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Claudio's custom Grovelor II WN-WT glassed

Update from Claudio 12/14/10

Hey Wayne!
Great to hear from you. Hope all is good with you and the family.

It was flat for a while, but finally got to ride the board last saturday and sunday.
so far...I LOVE IT...haha
-it paddles really easy like the MB (and it's pretty fast!). I will give you more feedback as I get to ride it more.
But so far it feels like you shaped it perfectly for where I'm at in my surfing I think. I'm stoked.

...I'm studying for a final exam I have tomorrow but will touch base with you after that.


Update 1/11/11

Hey Wayne,

Hope all is well. Happy New Year.

The board is working out great, I really like it.
I was thinking that board would work in a quad too...what do you think?

I was in san diego this past weekend with some buddies and had a blast with it.
Surfed Blacks in the morning, got food, then went back out at Scripps for session #2.
The board felt great on both and it was a good test because the waves were really different for the two sessions. More hollow and pitchy at blacks and mellower mushier face at scripps.

Wish you the best for this year and beyond. Let's touch base soon!


Bobs custom Katana