Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Claudio's custom Grovelor II WN-WT glassed

Update from Claudio 12/14/10

Hey Wayne!
Great to hear from you. Hope all is good with you and the family.

It was flat for a while, but finally got to ride the board last saturday and sunday.
so far...I LOVE IT...haha
-it paddles really easy like the MB (and it's pretty fast!). I will give you more feedback as I get to ride it more.
But so far it feels like you shaped it perfectly for where I'm at in my surfing I think. I'm stoked.

...I'm studying for a final exam I have tomorrow but will touch base with you after that.


Update 1/11/11

Hey Wayne,

Hope all is well. Happy New Year.

The board is working out great, I really like it.
I was thinking that board would work in a quad too...what do you think?

I was in san diego this past weekend with some buddies and had a blast with it.
Surfed Blacks in the morning, got food, then went back out at Scripps for session #2.
The board felt great on both and it was a good test because the waves were really different for the two sessions. More hollow and pitchy at blacks and mellower mushier face at scripps.

Wish you the best for this year and beyond. Let's touch base soon!



  1. that is beautiful, Wayne! I cannot wait to try it.

  2. thanks! give me hollar when is a good time to pick up. w>