Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recreating the serendipitous Hog-Fish in all it’s glorious lumpiness

Frank showed up one day with his all time magic shape that he wanted faithfully recreated. After repeated attempts the original shaper was not able to successfully recreate his own shape. The original shaper referred Frank to me to attempt and recreate the Hog-Fish in all it’s glorious lumpiness.

The Hog-Fish, originating from a hand shape has many unique areas that have been massaged into the shape. Eccentric as Frank is about his shape, he has an understanding that to recreate the magic requires the surfboard to be recreated in it’s entirety , ie making a small change has a domino effect through the entire design.

Frank wanted to recreate the Hog-Fish with all it’s flaws and all it’s glorified lumpiness….

Original Hog Fish

1st Generation Recreation

2nd Generation Recreation
Unique Original Nose Tips

Recreated Nose tips


  1. gotta love true 3d!!

  2. Funny because I had a well known shaper that has cornered the market on some of the early labels from the 60's when he used to rent space from me before he launched the re labels. He didn't understand the concept of true 3d and rendering in 2D slices. He would mention that when ever he would get the milled shapes off the machine that used the 2d slice method he would be stoked that all his lumps were gone. lol.

  3. haha interpolation has a way of smoothing things out doesnt it... whether you like it or not ;)

  4. yes I like my lumps. they are there for a reason. lol