Friday, April 19, 2013

Pynzer Twinzer for Peter


4/23/13 Update from Peter,

Hey Wayne just got out of the water! This things awesome! Don't know what to say paddles and floats me like I weigh 100 lbs! Caught almost anything I wanted even though it was less than stellar conditions! Don't think I've ever caught that many waves in a session before lost count after 20min! Was wishing I had a water proof phone so I could email you while I was in the water!


Peter Mauck

"STOLEN ALERT" NN-PYNZER BE ON THE LOOK OUT!! Custom Pynzer 2 + 1 for Lindbergh

!RECOVERED! "STOLEN" ALERT!! This board was stolen from Lindbergh "Berg" hot coater for Oceanworks Glassing. Stolen from the back of a pick up in front to Oceanworks in Santa Ana, Ca in the early hours of Jan 25th. Notice the red appelcore stringer and unique lam placement. Also notice the red boxes, the red center large fin box is very rare. Be on the look out, email me at if you have any info. No questions asked if returned.

Custom Spitfire for Patrick in Montauk


Custom Squashed Skate for John


One Trick Pony Traditional Noserider for Kawika


4/24/13 Update from Kawika

Wayne, Wayne, Wayne... what a magical shape you have created with the One Trick Pony.

Decided to play hookey from work this morning and snuck in a quick session at San-O.
Wow!  That board is simply amazing!  Paddles like a dream (talking effortless glide) and it just begs to be noseridden.  I have done some tip time before but nothing like the tip time on this board.  It's so stable and confidence inspiring!  My tip time is usually a quick run to the nose until it starts to stall out then a quick run back to the middle to retain the glide, but not on the One Trick Pony.  You could slowly walk up to the nose and sit there perched for a long time.  A very long time.   Some rides on the nose were so long I was thinking about what else I could do while up there.

Now I will be the first to admit I am not a longboarder.  Never have been and will never claim to be one and I prefer shorter stubby mid-lenght boards, but out on the One Trick Pony this morning I felt like I was seasoned pro.  Thanks to your magical creation, I now know what "toes on the nose" really means.