Friday, April 29, 2011

Civic Couch "Surprisingly Fun Morning In Hermosa"

Surprisingly Fun Morning In Hermosa

April 23rd surprised us with some fun waves in the waist to head high range. Chris Wells, Chris Browns and others enjoyed the surprise for a couple hours and scored some fun ones. Hermosa Beach surf pictures..

Some Killer shots of Chris Wells on his Tanto Step Down by Brad Jacobson

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Civic Couch "Week In Pictures" April 10-16 2011

The week of April 10th provided small but peaky surf. A session on Friday the 15th included Cheyne Magnusson, Dane and Kelly Zaun, Dayton Silva, Matt Pagan, Matt Chernega and Jamie Meistrell all surfing one spot together. Pics from the Surf Series are also included.

Most shots are from Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Thanks to Mike Balzer for helping with the pictures.

Check out Civic Couch Week in Pictures April 10-16 2011

Awesome work Brad! Great shots, good to see Balzer shooting some great images again. I feel you and the SBBR Club have helped revitalize the surf stoke in the So Bay. Thank you so much, I really enjoy all your hard work. Wayne

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New 2011 Explorer shape for Micah

This new 2011 Explorer modge is designed for an all-around travelers shape. Features a curvy, semi-full contours, crown deck, extra volume upfront with a subtle forward volume and foil, semi-full rails with tapering thickness in tail. Incoporates a neutral rocker, bottom contours are flat in nose to double in a flat center to deeper double between fins to slight vee off tail.

Who this board is designed for; someone that is planning on traveling and arrival destinations are to world class surf spots. Ideal for someone primarily riding a longboard/hybrid/egg type shape which aren't ideal for these types of surf spots. Designed for reef pass, points, and good beach break surf. Ride em longer, wider and thick for easy transition for longboarders, or for hybrid/egg guys ride em in the same lengths and narrower and same or slightly thinner.

Another Dyna-Glyde for Kawika

This Dyna-Glyde is Kawika's 4th. This is his second 7'4" his first version was narrower and was done in EPS/Epoxy. This new one is poly and 1" wider and .100" thinner. Kawika has a full quiver of Dyna-Glydes, he has this new 7'4, 8'4, 9'0" (on order), and a 10'.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Surf Concepts SBBR Contest Results Held at 45th ST El Porto

Great weather for a contest weekend. Record number of participants and some fun and exciting heats. Wellsy made it to the finals of the Masters and had a close heat with TR for second placing. Rachel also had a stellar weekend and did extremely well doing double duty again placing second in Junior girls and third place in the Open womens. Becca Wells, Chris Wells sister also made the finals edging out Rachel in the Opens womens division.

SB Board Riders Surf Concepts results, April 16 at 45th Street, Manhattan Beach:
Open mens – Matt Pagan, Kelly Zaun, Dane Zaun, Pat Murphy, Keith Brewer, Kent Nishiya.
Open womens – Natalie Anzivino, Becca Rosen, Rachel Tominaga, Kim Komick, Jordan Wible, Sara Foley.
Junior boys – Kelly Zaun, Kent Nishia, Jordan Robinson, Noah Collins, Kevin Piper, Wyatt Boyd.
Junior girls – Jordan Wible, Rachel Tominaga, Sara Kohrogi, Jesse Rowan, Ailiden Shelden, Sarah Curran.
Boys – Peter Healey, Noah Collins, Codee Stamis, Sam Dunbar, Chris Stimpfl, Jared Boyd.
Longboard – Gus McConnell, Brent Bland, Tim Ferguson, Tom Horton, Jiro Ikeda, Peter Gleiberman.
Masters – Ted Robinson, Chris Wells, Dave Downing, Dave Pollard, Scott Johnson, Davey Latter.
Legends – Scott Daley, Derek Levy, Chris Moseley, Mike Purpus, Kevin Cody, Bob Brigden, Tom Horton.
Groms — Kyle Beatty, Jack Rowan, Pat Komick, Ron Sannes, Ryan Ulrich, Cole Warner.
Micro groms – Shane Moseley, Ethan Igloi, Noah Steinmetz, Sam Collins, Kieren Walls, Kelly Murphy.

Read more Easy Reader

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New 2011 modge "Da One" for Kei

Kei sorry didn't get any shots outside, lighting is bad today. Been busy being a foam gardner, will try and 3d scan tomorrow if I finish up shaping today. If not should have it all wrapped up on Fri or Sat. Thanks, Oak

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Civic Couch April 2011 So Bay Surf Magazine

Check it out! Classic surf shots of "Epic Thursday" shot a couple weeks ago. Words from what everyone that surfed that day it was, "Epic", "All time", "One of the best days ever".

April Issue covering the South Bay surf culture. Photo's include Matt Pagan Matt Chernega Chris Wells Kelly Zaun Matt Mohagen Keith Brewer and more. The Civic Couch April issue includes photo's from the March 24th swell, South Bay Surf Series, Pitchers and Pictures, Big Wave Challenge update, High School talent and more. Civic Couch is the South Bay's only dedicated surf magazine...

Check out Civic Couch April 2011 Issue

Monday, April 4, 2011

New 2011 Pivot Winged Mush Buster for E-C

New Pivot Winged Mush Buster design incorporates the low entry rocker and beaked nose as the standard Mush Buster with mild tail kick along with a "delayed" deep wings behind the quad trailer fins for a quicker pivot off the tail. The delayed pivot wings are set further back to incorporate a full and curvy outline of the standard Mush Buster for added lift and glide. Bottom contours; single to double with a slight vee off the tail. Can be set up as a quad, tri, or 5-fin convertible.

New 2011 Dyna-Pin for Armando in Puerto Escondido

The Dyna-Pin features Dyna series foil with a classic full round-pintail with a 4 + 1 fin set up. Can be ridden as 2 + 1, quad, or 5-fin. Designed to power into top to bottom waves with speed and control. Full hips for max lift and drive classic pintail for speed and control in the barrel. :)