Monday, April 18, 2011

Surf Concepts SBBR Contest Results Held at 45th ST El Porto

Great weather for a contest weekend. Record number of participants and some fun and exciting heats. Wellsy made it to the finals of the Masters and had a close heat with TR for second placing. Rachel also had a stellar weekend and did extremely well doing double duty again placing second in Junior girls and third place in the Open womens. Becca Wells, Chris Wells sister also made the finals edging out Rachel in the Opens womens division.

SB Board Riders Surf Concepts results, April 16 at 45th Street, Manhattan Beach:
Open mens – Matt Pagan, Kelly Zaun, Dane Zaun, Pat Murphy, Keith Brewer, Kent Nishiya.
Open womens – Natalie Anzivino, Becca Rosen, Rachel Tominaga, Kim Komick, Jordan Wible, Sara Foley.
Junior boys – Kelly Zaun, Kent Nishia, Jordan Robinson, Noah Collins, Kevin Piper, Wyatt Boyd.
Junior girls – Jordan Wible, Rachel Tominaga, Sara Kohrogi, Jesse Rowan, Ailiden Shelden, Sarah Curran.
Boys – Peter Healey, Noah Collins, Codee Stamis, Sam Dunbar, Chris Stimpfl, Jared Boyd.
Longboard – Gus McConnell, Brent Bland, Tim Ferguson, Tom Horton, Jiro Ikeda, Peter Gleiberman.
Masters – Ted Robinson, Chris Wells, Dave Downing, Dave Pollard, Scott Johnson, Davey Latter.
Legends – Scott Daley, Derek Levy, Chris Moseley, Mike Purpus, Kevin Cody, Bob Brigden, Tom Horton.
Groms — Kyle Beatty, Jack Rowan, Pat Komick, Ron Sannes, Ryan Ulrich, Cole Warner.
Micro groms – Shane Moseley, Ethan Igloi, Noah Steinmetz, Sam Collins, Kieren Walls, Kelly Murphy.

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