Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Civic Couch "Week In Pictures" April 10-16 2011

The week of April 10th provided small but peaky surf. A session on Friday the 15th included Cheyne Magnusson, Dane and Kelly Zaun, Dayton Silva, Matt Pagan, Matt Chernega and Jamie Meistrell all surfing one spot together. Pics from the Surf Series are also included.

Most shots are from Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Thanks to Mike Balzer for helping with the pictures.

Check out Civic Couch Week in Pictures April 10-16 2011

Awesome work Brad! Great shots, good to see Balzer shooting some great images again. I feel you and the SBBR Club have helped revitalize the surf stoke in the So Bay. Thank you so much, I really enjoy all your hard work. Wayne

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