Monday, April 4, 2011

New 2011 Pivot Winged Mush Buster for E-C

New Pivot Winged Mush Buster design incorporates the low entry rocker and beaked nose as the standard Mush Buster with mild tail kick along with a "delayed" deep wings behind the quad trailer fins for a quicker pivot off the tail. The delayed pivot wings are set further back to incorporate a full and curvy outline of the standard Mush Buster for added lift and glide. Bottom contours; single to double with a slight vee off the tail. Can be set up as a quad, tri, or 5-fin convertible.


  1. So is that like an incut wing or a kind of e-wing that flutes out from the main rail ?

  2. Dan, the wings are deeper and have no flutes or step in the rail.

    EC likes the extra volume and width for chasing down waves, this shape is for weaker surf. He has a wide tailed Bryd-Fish and an Acorn quad and likes the wider tails for extra lift and speed, but was looking for something more responsive, so the delayed wing will give him the best of both worlds so to say...

  3. Wayne- I always enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what you shaping, always great looking boards. This shape looks especially sweet. Thanks for keeping the stoke alive
    Jim N

  4. Jim, thanks for the support and allowing me to shape and keeping me stoked.

    Funny, I was watching a guy try and ride a coil board the other day out front, when I pulled up and noticed the unique glass lay up I pulled over and had to watch this guy. I watched his entire session on the board, When he came in I could tell he was scratching his head and was disspointed. Watching his session I could tell he was struggling with the same issues as you had with your coil shape. Others in the line-up were doing laps around him. I have seen the guy surf before and he can surf. The board was way over shaped and had no drive. He was clearly bummed. I refrained from reaching out to him. Lol,,,