Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Dyna-Glyde for Kawika

This Dyna-Glyde is Kawika's 4th. This is his second 7'4" his first version was narrower and was done in EPS/Epoxy. This new one is poly and 1" wider and .100" thinner. Kawika has a full quiver of Dyna-Glydes, he has this new 7'4, 8'4, 9'0" (on order), and a 10'.


  1. Looks Good! I can't wait to ride it. This is actually my 5th Dyna-Glyde (you forgot about my Mini DG). This is such a great design, it truly is a multi purpose, do everything board. Thanks so much for coming up with this shape.


  2. Kawika, I think this shape has the most variations in overall number of designs that have orginated from the orginal version. And it's still a relatively new shape in terms of how long I have been shaping the Dyna series.

  3. mini DG lets see a pic of that one!!