Thursday, April 29, 2010

(PART 3) The Magic Board are Milled

New generation Moon tail comparo to the orginal master.

Moon tail with complete detailed toolpaths.

New generation Magic Squash except 1" shorter and 3/8" wider.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(PART 2) Magic Board Now Captured in true 3D

Here is a glimpse into how the boards look post 3d scanned and digitized. Too many minutiae of procedures between this new post and the previous post there were literally 100's of steps just to get to this stage.

This method of attaining this type of detail takes some time to gather, there are no short cuts with this method. All of the popular over the counter machines and turn key shaping systems rely on the slice method of rendering to cut boards. The problem with slices is the CAD surfaces are in interpolated numeric’s (interpolated meaning interpreted, surfaces created by numerical algorithms and not the actual surface of the board). Shapers with a keen eye will notice that the interpolated surfaces once cut is not remotely close to the actual shape. (Actually, it doesn't take a keen eye. It's quite evident.)

The process I prefer is done with absolute numeric’s. Working with absolute numeric’s there are no distortion issues as associated with slices and interpolated numeric’s when scaling.

All these steps are taken before the board is shaped or glassed. To scan and digitize a board in absolute numerics is a 2 day process alone. Not including the time to clean up the shape.

This is what the actual board to be scanned looks like after the surface has been cleaned up.

This is just an outline preview from the tool paths compensated. The red lines indicate 12" at nose, wide point, 12" tail.

Tool paths, when generating tool paths I prefer to keep different sections of the board on different levels. Hence the different colors = different levels. Levels allow me to control different aspects of the shape individually. If you look closely there are 5 different levels of deck and rail cuts, each section can be controlled individually. The tightest toolpaths are at the apex of rail line for full rail detail, this detail is also on the bottom tucked rail. Complete rail detail top and bottom.

Here's another board going through the same process.

This a preview of what the actual finished outline looks like on the CAD.

This is what the toolpath of the tool looks like in the CAD. If you notice, the lines are much fuller than the actual shape, this is because the colored lines are cutter compensated. The lines are the actual path of the tool used, not the actual shape itself.

Friday, April 23, 2010

(PART 1) Recapturing the Magic Board

The Oak Foils label is generally reserved for custom shapes that I work directly with the rider. The majority of my time is spent working on special projects or shaping for other labels. Out of all the labels I have shaped for and still shape, I shape the least number of boards for my personal label Oak Foils.

Here are some insights on the type of custom work I do for other customers. This project was referred to me by a glasser I had worked with from 80's and he had eventually moved out of the area. This customer has gone down the "bumpy" (no pun inteded lol.) road trying to recapture his magic boards from scanning in slices or other methods of the popular over the counter 2D surfboard rendering software with unsatisfactory results from trying to create surfaces by using slices.

Third fill coat with many more to come. This shape was enjoyed and ridden like a magic board should be ridden. Rode hard and put away wet. After successive attempts to recreate this shape with unsatisfactory results, I now have the privilege to attempt to regain the magic surfboard. I feel honored.:-) This is one aspect of shaping I enjoy doing. Although extremely time consuming and laborious, but well worth the effort.

I have had the opportunity to recaptured and redo many magic shapes over the years for many top labels and their pro riders, and some other well known not so well known labels/shapes.

First fill coat. Long way to go..

Over 50 pressure dents, and that's just one side. LOL.

Only the best side is filled and restored. Once the surfaces are restored I will then do a true full 3D scan of the entire restored half of the board. The method I use to capture the true 3D surface is unique and differentiates the way I collect 3D data and how other methods are used. All other methods rely on slices, either scanning in slices or rendering/drawing in slices. Slice method does not capture the full and intricate details, as with slices you are relying on software algorithms to fill in between the slices to create the unknown surfaces. I do not use any slices or any type of rendering or drawing software, all my custom boards start from handshaped proven master shapes then they are fully scanned in true 3D by picking up thousands or 10's of thousands of individual points in 3d. This is an invaluable tool for future 3D analysis or a faithful and true reproduction. Or even subtle scaling and changes can be made with out losing the "magic" proportions. In the past doing this manually is virtually impossible.

Every custom shaped or one off Oak Foils shapes goes through this painstaking process. Or, the custom hand shape is scanned and digitized once the board is glassed, This process is generally reserved for the exclusive top pro or top shelf labels and not available for general retail customers. I do not know of any other shaper that does this for everyone of their customers. Essentially every customer has their own "Model".

Once the best side is restored and scanned, I will then digitize a "mirror" image of the scanned side. The “mirrored” process is the only “created” surface generated for 3d symmetry. Then I will go through some program editing and post processing to create a CNC program ready to be milled and hand finished.

Once the board is milled, it will be fine tuned and tweaked by handshaping for customized contours for the next generation that will be scanned, and with each successive modified hand shaped that has been tweaked, and reshaped each board becomes the next generation of DNA that becomes a new strain of shapes to evolve from.

This is insane, After reviewing this thread, I just reviewed my shaping files and have over 13,000 shapes and programs to date. I think I need a new hobby.

Keep your old Magic Sticks and get them faithfully redone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

**SOLD** Dead Beat Kevin Komick Model 10/10 HP LB

This board is up for sale, it's a new model appropriately called "The Dead Beat". It's rare I get dead beat walk-ins especially when they are referrals from friends. This guy custom ordered this board and now has flaked out. After taking the time to go over the shape and filling out the order form with him. He's a no show.

This is a new master shape from a board he brought in for me to model after, now the customer has flaked out. He hasn't even bothered to look at the board after it's been finished. Even after discussing the cost and giving the go ahead to shape it. This shape is killer. 9'2" X 22 5/8" X 2.7"

Farking nice guy,... Absolutely no consideration for other peoples time and effort. I hate these people who take advantage of others trusting ways. Trying hard to keep the faith in people... Where do these people come from?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brother Ben Morris, RIP

Some of you might remember the board I had custom shaped for Ben called the “Cosmic Glyder”. I spoke to Ben’s older bro John on Friday 4/17/10 and received sad news that Ben had passed away on Weds 4/14/10.

Ben showed up out of the blue one day in September 2009 to order a new stick, it’s rare that I get walk in customers as my shop is located in an industrial complex. Most everyone that orders a custom shape are referrals and by appointment. Upon answering the door, I was surprised to see Ben standing there in all his glorious hair! Full on out grown brown beard and long shoulder length brown hair. He looked like the biblical images of Jesus we’ve all seen. I blinked my eyes and thought to myself, “Jesus has come along way to order a stick. What a trip.”

Ben mentioned he just returned from surfing in Costa Rica and was referred to me by another guy riding one of my custom shapes. As he was describing what he was looking for in a design and where he wanted to go with his surfing I sensed he was on a mission to enlighten his surf experience and some how I was chosen as someone to assist him on his journey.

(At this time I am not sure who Ben met and spoke with during his trip in Costa Rica. Please email me if you are the person or know who the person is. Thank you)

Through his eagerness and open mind and willingness to learn with his quick whit and straight-faced humor, I nicknamed Ben “Toru” thinking of the character that Chris Farley played in the comedy film “Beverly Hills Ninja”. I came to find out later the correct characters name was “Haru”, but “Toru” stuck. (The name Toru was on my mind at the time as I was shaping a board for another customer named Toru. lol.) He would call me “Sensei”. It was our joke.

Ben appeared to be extremely healthy and very fit and in good spirits during the short time spent with him designing boards. Not once did he mention he was sick or was not feeling well. Always the wry guy with a straight faced humor, I later found out that he was fighting later stages of skin cancer. At the time I met Ben he was already 3 years into the fight. During our time spent designing and shaping he was only a few months away from succumbing to the disease. I had no idea of his condition, as he was always in good spirits. Ben’s spirit will always be an inspiration to me.

Ben Morris. A Son, Brother, Friend, and Teacher. I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Godspeed my friend, you will be missed.

Benny loved the rainbow.and he took the pic of that rainbow and said all day every day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chads custom 5-fin convertible XXL-HP-Fish

I think Chads on a roll... nice quiver!

Wellsys custom Grovelor

Thanks to Zyma, Jim, Ferggie, Jason and the entire crew at Oceanworks for getting my boards done in a very timely manner even though they have been extremely busy. Thanks guys much appreciated! You guys have been on and the work looks awesome.

Darrens custom BB WN-WT

This is Darren's spring/summer all around shortie. This version was shaped a couple inches shorter for smaller conditions. All other dims are the same as his fall/winter BB WN-WT. This one is done in EPS/Epoxy as his previous one was also.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wanders custom Mush Buster

Franks custom 5-fin convertible Mush Buster

5-Fin convertibles = More options, more potential, more possibilities, more fun!

Preview of "The Grovelor" Wellsy's new HP shortie for summer

This shape is a new HP shortie for smaller less punchy surf. Design features are fuller curve through nose and lower nose rocker. Single concave to slight lift and subtle curve in rail rocker through the tail.

Ideal size range is 2-4 inches shorter than your HP shortie and 1/4" - 1/2" wider, same thickness or slightly thicker.