Thursday, April 29, 2010

(PART 3) The Magic Board are Milled

New generation Moon tail comparo to the orginal master.

Moon tail with complete detailed toolpaths.

New generation Magic Squash except 1" shorter and 3/8" wider.


  1. Man, it's nice to see you're work detailled like that, and follow the all process. I really appreciate it. Thanks man.

  2. Hi Alex,
    I thought I would post up some of the other things I do than the standard shaping stuff everyone seen. I thought it would be interesting too see some other aspects and a different approach to shaping.

    I still love to handshape, and still make the masters from handshapes but to maintain the accuracy and consistency this method is the most accurate and faithful to my handshapes.

    I think most people think of CNC and CAD are all the same, for the most part they are in terms of CAD for surfboards. My method is totally unique and different than the other systems. I want my customers to get the best possible shapes on my best day, everyday.


  3. Nothing you do is standard Wayne

  4. Lance, I have no standards. ;)


  5. Absolutely,
    I think it's a great idea to explain in what way your work is different and more precise than others. Your approach is unique and deserves to be known. And you should totally market that aspect of your business.
    You should also mention that your approach is unique because unlike anybody else in the business, you've developed your own software and buil your own machine. To me that's badass!!!
    But what I find really interesting is that most shapers who use CNC machines do it to save time, but not you! Except when replicating magic boards for people, you're scanning boards only to archive your work. And your scanning process & processing of the data is so precise and therefore take so long that it takes you a lot less time to hand-shape your boards. That to me is a commitment to your craft and to details.

    Anyhow man, I'm glad you're showcasing your craft this way. It's both informativ and inspiring. Cheers!

  6. Alex, Thanks for the kind words. I thought it would interesting for the "geeks" in some of us. Most in the shaping business don't really understand all the differences and quite frankly many of the CNC cutters don't know the differences. Many claim to scan boards but are just plotting. Completely different method.

    I know it's a crazy method, but I feel everyone of my customers deserve this process. It's a dream come true for me from the infancy of my shaping career to be able to reproduce my magic hand shapes faithfully. To recreate a magic shape is the "Holy Grail" of shaping. It is virtually impossible to recreate by hand shaping, with my method I know I will be able to hit all the "marks" with no guess work.