Friday, November 18, 2011

Custom Hydroflex'd Twinzer Skate for Kelly

*Custom USblank grey colored foam blank w/ Applecore 1/8" black/natural/black colored t-band stringer.
*Hydroflex epoxy vacuum bagged tech.
*Futures Twinzer fin set up.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Custom Dyna Glyde Longboard 4+1 for Steve

Update 11/10/11
Steven said...

Hi Wayne,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for my new 9.0! It is truly magical. I’ve never really owned anything bigger than a 7.4. I’ve been given a few 9.0’s over the years, but they have been ones that my friends have found that they didn’t want, very generic.

The custom Dyna Glyde 4+1 that you created may be the most responsive board in my quiver. Whatever you have going on with the quad fin 6 channel setup is incredible! Another interesting fact is the board is probably 25% lighter than any 9.0 I’ve carried.

My first ride, well the board went one way and I went the other. The second ride I took off on a wave that was few feet overhead out at Porto. No board I have ever ridden would have made this bottom turn, but the Dyna Glyde did it with so much ease that it almost kicked me off. I then quickly found myself vertical off the lip with a 9.0!, which I’ve never done! I’m not sure how I brought it back, but all of a sudden I realized I was still standing and firing down the face of a wall of water with the biggest smile on my face. I even heard a few hollers from some that caught the show… if they only knew I was doing whatever I could just to hang on to the ride.

Well the next hour or so I enjoyed some of the best surfing I’ve done in a long time. Even backside was working for me, which never did. It’s wild to think that my surfing ability has increased overnight because of a board. I should add that I’m using a lot less effort to get into waves. This board just glides along.

Well, so much for the quick note and again I must THANK YOU for opening up my life to a new surfing experience.

I’ll be back!!

Steve, Thanks for the update! Stoked! Wayne