Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Custom Dyna Glyde Longboard 4+1 for Steve

Update 11/10/11
Steven said...

Hi Wayne,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for my new 9.0! It is truly magical. I’ve never really owned anything bigger than a 7.4. I’ve been given a few 9.0’s over the years, but they have been ones that my friends have found that they didn’t want, very generic.

The custom Dyna Glyde 4+1 that you created may be the most responsive board in my quiver. Whatever you have going on with the quad fin 6 channel setup is incredible! Another interesting fact is the board is probably 25% lighter than any 9.0 I’ve carried.

My first ride, well the board went one way and I went the other. The second ride I took off on a wave that was few feet overhead out at Porto. No board I have ever ridden would have made this bottom turn, but the Dyna Glyde did it with so much ease that it almost kicked me off. I then quickly found myself vertical off the lip with a 9.0!, which I’ve never done! I’m not sure how I brought it back, but all of a sudden I realized I was still standing and firing down the face of a wall of water with the biggest smile on my face. I even heard a few hollers from some that caught the show… if they only knew I was doing whatever I could just to hang on to the ride.

Well the next hour or so I enjoyed some of the best surfing I’ve done in a long time. Even backside was working for me, which never did. It’s wild to think that my surfing ability has increased overnight because of a board. I should add that I’m using a lot less effort to get into waves. This board just glides along.

Well, so much for the quick note and again I must THANK YOU for opening up my life to a new surfing experience.

I’ll be back!!

Steve, Thanks for the update! Stoked! Wayne


  1. Wow!!! I'll be picking that up first thing in the AM... and it looks like there's a little surf out there!! It looks fantastic... can't wait for the ride test :)

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  3. that GSG lam is SICK! bummed its probably too late to get it on mine... or is it? if not, deck side replacing the current curved oakfoils label that would be there....

    ; )