Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Design "The Twinzer Blend" with a Nubster for Hugh

6/19/12 Update from Hugh

Hey Wayne,

Took the board out for 2 hours yesterday in some pretty crappy 1 to 2' surf, with some 3' reeling in every now and then. The faces were pretty flat with not much juice, but the board performed really well and was a lot of fun to use in those conditions. It felt really nice and loose and skated over the flat faces really easily. I also immediately noticed how responsive the tail was. Since the tail really tapers out in the end, you get some flex and great responsiveness out of the tail. The nubster definitely helps the tail from sliding, but not too much which I really liked. It's just loose enough that you can get the tail to swing around but still got a little bite in the wave. I also noticed that the twinzer has a little more drive through turns than I was expecting out of a "twin finned" board.

Will provide you another update when I have some time to play around with it more this week!

Cheers, Hugh

Hugh thanks for the update! Wayne