Friday, December 18, 2009

Chris's new 5'11" in poly this time....

LiQuiDplaYGroUnD / Jeff Yusa Photograhy

Above pics James Phillips

Above photo LiQuiDplaYGroUnD / Jeff Yusa Photograhy
This Poly replacement came in at 5.6lbs in comparo to the 4.2 EPS in the exact shape.

Chris Wells 3 broken boards in 4 weeks.

Relagated to the ride the 6'3" Step-Up, Chris's turns are longer drawn out turns on the step up. Love the clean lines. New 5'11" 4lb EPS Epoxy on the way!

Above photos Tom Bowlby /

Yay! Stoked got my new EPS 5'11' Oak rushed out!!


Above photos Jeff Yusa / LiquidPlayground

December 9 2009 swell at "Hammerland"

Chris dropping in.

Above photos Rob Nowik

Chris Wells 4lb EPS Epoxy didn't survive the tube.

Above photos McShots

Paul's Custom Step Up

Kei's custom GT2 Baby Whale Tail Quad

Alex's custom BB Rocket Fish GT2