Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wheres the BEEF?... RIGHT HERE!

Here's some pics of the Mush Buster in differing volumes. For the big guys trying to get a physically small shaper to understand and shape the correct volume for your potential esp for shortboards could be a challenge.

One of the main points I have realized over the years from shaping customs for many big guys is, for the big guys the short board volumes are much more crtical esp when it comes to performance short boards. The incremental scaling formulas used to scale for riders in the 125-150lbs are much different than riders in the 225-250lbs.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stuarts custom Bryd-Fish

Ready for the trip! :-)

Update 7/22/10 from Stuart;

Wayne- Sorry I haven't sent an update on the new board, I didn't get many days on the board- lots of wind up here. Anyway, the first few days were just junky wind swell. The board rode well, but not much to report on. Then I got an day with overhead waves at the jetty (kind of rare for this time of year) and the board rode great. Very stable on late takeoffs, bottom turns were solid, and very easy to ride.Today I rode *** *** (it was *******) dropping south swell, but still some overhead sets}. Just 3 friends, really a fun session. The board rode sweet. Thanks Wayne. I may try a shorter version next. Stuart

With this particular Bryd-Fish shape for Stuart I lowered the bottom rocker 1" from the apex.

When ever I modify, measure, and analyze rockers I like to have a defined apex where the tips of the nose and tail are set on the same plane. There is some confusion of how this method is accomplished. For the guys used to using the the stick in the middle method may have some difficulty to get their heads around. It's actually relatively simple and extremely accurate method, and no distortion from the stick, I have found that just the weight of the stick will distort the rocker esp on thin HP short boards and most times you will need to press down on the rocker stick which will distort the measurements even more.

When ever I measure rockers by static means, I like to measure the balanced rocker by using a level rocker shelf. Just a simple leveled shelf that is set at eye level.

With the rocker shelf it will allow you to measure the natural balance point with the top and bottom rocker together and the overall volume in the equation. By using just the stick alone it doesn't take into consideration the full entire shape in relation to the measured rocker. I have found this method results in much more consistent shapes and no distortion issues. Much more accurate and easier to utilize than relying on the stick alone.

For years I would use the stick method and thought that I was hitting all my rocker points dead on. You would be surprised how off the rockers will be once you turn the board over and measure the balance rocker. I havent' used a rocker stick in many decades.

Nate's Double Apex Rail XXL Mush Buster in EPS

Ben's memorial tribute board for brother John

Thanks to Michael Zippi of Zippi Surfboards for doing the airspray. He not only shapes but is also a great airspray artist. And he is also a hypnotherapist! Man, I need to find a hobby.

John mentioned that Ben loved to search for 4 leaf clovers.

Preview of Henry's custom Mush Buster

Preview of Garrett's custom WN-WT

Preview of Claudio's custom Mush Buster

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chris P Mush Buster back from Oceanworks

Chris ordered his own Mush Buster after giving Franks M-B a go and had a blast.
Ready to rock!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Preview Custom Bryd-Fish for Stuart

Scalloped Concaves with Futures fin box compensated.

Stuart has a HP LB Bonzer that he loves to ride at his northern climes on overhead juicy days. He likes the way the Bonzer holds and the drives on steep waves but on smaller clean waves he was looking for quicker release and still be able to have the Bonzer feel in juicier conditions.

Since he is planning on heading to Indo this summer I wanted the shape to be able have all the positive characteristics of his Bonzer and still give him a performance oriented design for good quality waves and still perform in all around conditions at his home break.

This Bryd-Fish has a modified rocker and has Scalloped concaves through the tail. I have been doing these types of concaves in varying styles since the 80’s with excellent feedback.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Initial lay out for custom Bryd-Fish for Stuart

This HP Bryd-Fish shape is for Stuart headed to Indo this summer.

When ever I have a wedge cut stringer glue ups or any trick stringer set ups, I like to do some preliminary lay out and analysis.

This helps in getting the stringers exactly where I want the wood in relation to the finished shape. What really bugs me is when you have an other wise nice shape but the stringers are all wonky to the shape. Especially when you have wedge cuts, the ends become a focal point and also the stringer functions in conjunction to the shape. Isomentric with bottom rocker flex points.

Prelim bottom stringer set up. No guess work involved. Helps to know exactly where you going and where you will end up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nate's Double Apex Rail XXL Mush Buster Preview

6'4" X 22.50" X 3.25" EPS/EPOXY

Double Apex Rails

Double Apex Rail features fuller flat deck with tapered outer periphery rail line and deck along with thinner boxy rails on otherwise thicker boards with full rails. Maintains maximum thickness along with thinner proportioned rail especially funtional on down railed aspect of the Mush Buster.

Added benefits are maintaining extra volume or adding extra volume while maintaining the sensitivity of thinner rails.

Pre glass preview of Chris's Mush Buster