Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Initial lay out for custom Bryd-Fish for Stuart

This HP Bryd-Fish shape is for Stuart headed to Indo this summer.

When ever I have a wedge cut stringer glue ups or any trick stringer set ups, I like to do some preliminary lay out and analysis.

This helps in getting the stringers exactly where I want the wood in relation to the finished shape. What really bugs me is when you have an other wise nice shape but the stringers are all wonky to the shape. Especially when you have wedge cuts, the ends become a focal point and also the stringer functions in conjunction to the shape. Isomentric with bottom rocker flex points.

Prelim bottom stringer set up. No guess work involved. Helps to know exactly where you going and where you will end up.

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  1. Really cool W, very interesting. Can't wait to see the end result as well.