Monday, May 17, 2010

Preview Custom Bryd-Fish for Stuart

Scalloped Concaves with Futures fin box compensated.

Stuart has a HP LB Bonzer that he loves to ride at his northern climes on overhead juicy days. He likes the way the Bonzer holds and the drives on steep waves but on smaller clean waves he was looking for quicker release and still be able to have the Bonzer feel in juicier conditions.

Since he is planning on heading to Indo this summer I wanted the shape to be able have all the positive characteristics of his Bonzer and still give him a performance oriented design for good quality waves and still perform in all around conditions at his home break.

This Bryd-Fish has a modified rocker and has Scalloped concaves through the tail. I have been doing these types of concaves in varying styles since the 80’s with excellent feedback.


  1. Holly Moly! That's a crazy bottom!

  2. I've been shaping Scalloped concaves since the 80's Technically It's just a variation of a Bonzer bottom suited to single fins on the rail instead of double bonzer runners.


  3. Wayne- Looks great! Can't wait to try it out. Stuart

  4. what's up wayne?
    what are the dimensions?
    it looks sick!!

  5. Hey Isaac! 8'4" x 21.5" x 2.73"
    How the Dyna-Glyde hangin?


  6. Hey Wayne

    My Dyna's been the daily ride. but all this eye candy you been put n up got me thinking
    I need to hit the lotto!