Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chris P Mush Buster back from Oceanworks

Chris ordered his own Mush Buster after giving Franks M-B a go and had a blast.
Ready to rock!


  1. I just feel that it's a bit unfair that this beautiful board would have zero comment, so there you go. Now there is one. Lol!

    Wayne, you've been making so many of those Mush Busters that I guess people don't feel the need to say how cool they are anymore. That's the price of success. :P

    Great board W. Really great board.
    Cheers mate.

  2. Alex,
    No comment. lol..
    Yeah, it seems like alot of the guys are looking for a board with some of the positive aspects of the "fish" but would like more bite and snap in the pocket, seems like the Mush Buster if filling that void.