Saturday, January 21, 2012

Custom XXL The Blend for Damian


  1. What are the dims on this big boy? Looks great!

    1. This board was not an easy shape due to no blanks available for the dimension I wanted to maintain. This shape is 7'4" x 23.5" x 3.28" glassed thickness.

      Rider is 6'3" 280lb, you will not find many shapers willing to tackle a board in this type of volume, a new deck rocker template needed to be formulated and provided and placed in the correct area of an 82A USblank. I could have taken the easy route and shaped a board at 3.12 with blanks already available but I didn't want to scrimp on the rail volume and the thickness as I felt the board was already on the smaller volume for the riders experience with the length he chose at 7'4".