Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tom's custom new GT3-10

Tom's favorite GT3-07 was shortened 2" and the bottom concaves and rocker were slighlty tweaked and massaged, thickness was reduced .04" glassed thickness while everything else was kept the same. This new version is the 2010 GT3 = GT3-10.


  1. Muchos Gracias Dr. Wayne!

  2. Tom! off to the glassers tomorrow, should be back next week! hahhaha... :) Time to take some time off the home improvement and get wet!


  3. Tom,
    Got called back to the factory on the way to the glasser, USblanks were delivering blanks and had to take delivery. I left the paper work at the shop in my back pack when unloading blanks I then drove all the way to the glassers with out the paper work. Argh...