Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preview; Deya's custom LeR WN-WT


  1. Alesx,
    yes sir! good to hear from you. haven't heard from you in awhile, hope all is well!


  2. Hello Wayne,
    Yeah I know, I've been a ghost. When I come down to the south bay I always hope that I'll have time so stop by the shop, but i always run out of time have to leave. One of those days hopefully. I've taken the big girl out last week and I had a blast. I'll send you a longer email about that.
    About that LeR, despite the WN and WT ( look at me, I speak Oak foils fluently! :P ), it still looks like a performance shortboard. So do you balance the low entry rocker with a higher tail rocker? So you can still surf in the pocket?

    BTW, It's another sick looking board man. Great job as always.