Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preview of Steve's new / old Modern Noserider

Steve purchased a used longboard from a neighbor of mine who had orginally purchased the board back in 1999. Steve has been on this shape for a few years now and loves the shape and wanted the exact shape but 2" longer and 1/4" thicker.

After I did some research on the board, I found that the board was digitized 11 years ago and I have not shaped another board like this since this orginal custom shape 11 years ago.

Strange feeling, It's like finding a cherished childhood item lost years ago that was erased from my memory banks. All the old feelings and memories come rushing back. I have hundreds if not thousands of custom shapes that I have scanned and digitized that have not been shaped since I have digitized them. I keep a digitized record of all my customs even if I plan on shaping them in the future or not. I need to take the time and review my old shapes and files of past shapes, being progressive by nature I generally don't bother to look back. But after seeing this shape again. it's nice to see some old friends again.

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