Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preview of Kawika's custom Bryd-Fish ll Quad

Kawika dropped by the shop the other day and noticed Stuarts new Bryd-Fish on the racks. After a good fondling and eyeballing on the racks he wanted one of his own, but with some customizing and some style points of his own.

This is a shot of the Scalloped concaves that were shaped in by the old school 3 axis method (eyes, hand, and brain). After a good massaging this is what it looked like. The concaves and edges have been compensated for the Futures boxes.

This shot is what Kawika's shape looks like after a lengthy digitizing of Stuart's shape after the concaves were hand shaped. This is what the new school 3d method looks like (3 axis x,y,z cnc method). This is after the board was scaled down 14" in length an added 1/2" in width and an added .350" in thickness. Notice the Futures fin box compensated area that has a plateau area.

Stuarts came in at 8'4" x 21 1/2" x 2.65"

Kawikas at 7' x 22" x 3.0"

Stuarts bottom.

Kawikas bottom.

Deck rails under lights.


  1. Yesssss!!!! Can't wait to ride it. Thanks Wayne for designing, ordering the blank and shaping it all in little over a week.

  2. Kawika, Thanks for being patient.


  3. cool! is the tail rocker the same as Stuarts board?

  4. Nate,
    Yes, tail rocker is similar but not exact to Stuarts.

    I now have some boxes to package up your MB. I will get it up there to you this weekend. Thanks for being patient.