Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Steve's custom Panacea glassed

Steve's your remedy is ready!


  1. Wayne,
    The board looks great. Compared it to the one you took the dims from, dead on. Much lighter too!

  2. Hey Steve, that's good to hear! I'm surprised, I thought with all the extra wood and glue the board would weigh slightly more. Hope this board will cure your ailments! I need my own panacea. =-)

  3. Wayne, rode the board yesterday morning. The surf was pretty small & weak, so I don't have a lot of feed back yet, but I like what I've experienced so far. The keel fins I have in it now might be too big for really small stuff, so I'm going to put some smaller ones and give it a go.

  4. Steve, Might be nice to try the orginal fins if you still have them. Checked the surf this weekend and it looked extremely small, looked like some micro sw remninants still coming in but looked like those few and far inbetween. Keep me posted!