Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remake of BB-Hybrid circa 1999 for John and Chris

John, The first image is the top shot of your board. Notice the pulled in nose curve and the pronounced pointed tip. The second image is the bottom, the rocker curving away from the camera lens makes the nose tip to appear more rounded...

I originally shaped this design back in 1998. Back then I was experimenting with taking a typical "eggy" outline and pushing the envelope by incorporating influences from the HPSB, Guns, HP Longboards, these shapes worked great and I considered them a true "Hybrid" of that epoch.

These shapes required major bending and blending, taking alot of time to reconfigure rockers and foil. I shaped a few experimental versions but never went into production.

Fast forward to summer of 2011, John was surfing some mysto spot in Central America on vacation and some how got his hands on one of these classic BB-Hybrids from 1999. Long story short John was stoked on how well the board performed, he has owned and ridden many different types of hybrids, eggs, short lbs, and nothing has clicked for him like this shape did. Stoked on the shape he had taken pics of my signature and serial numbers on the board and we were able to track down the history of this shape.

Stoked to have kept detailed records, I had made and archived the master rocker template and digitized the original shape John had rode in Central America back in 2011. I dug up the original rocker template from my archive and looked into which blank would work for this unique shape. One of the problems was the limited type of blanks that are available, as the plugs were different then when Clark Foam was in production. Luckily, USBlank was able to modify a 93Y with the master rocker I made back in 1999.

Chris is Johns older brother and he also wanted the same exact board. This is the results of reproducing the exact shape from 1999...


  1. damn! ten years gone... or rather, thirteen

    stoked for john and chris

  2. Great story - love checking this blog. BTW what does BB stand for ?

  3. That's what she said

  4. Sweet looks like a killer beach break type of mini LB!