Thursday, February 23, 2012

Custom Double Winged Skate for Gavin

Real unidirectional carbon inlay. ;-)


  1. Wayne I have wondered about those carbon inlays what is the theory behind them stiffness in the tail? Or just added strength...

    1. nate, this shape is under sized for the rider and relatively thin. it's primary function is to add some strength/stiffness around the periphery of the rails.

      Primary function is to reinforce the integrity of the shape, guys that are into low volume shapes for performance surfing have a tendency to crush the rail in short order. Once that starts to happen it's basically a time bomb.

      This is real carbon not "carbon colored". Funny because most of the boards you see with these patches use basically black colored laminate paper and not real carbon fiber. lol..

  2. thanks for the info I always wanted to find out but never had a chance to ask...