Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bryd-Fish / 5-Fin Convertible for Derek in NY


  1. Is there somewhere on this blog with info on the different boards and types of surf or riders they are good for?

    I know you do mainly custom work but it would be really helpful for potential customers who may want to browse online first before they call.

    I wouldn't want to waste your time asking you lots of questions and then end up not buying a board from you :)

    btw, love your work.

    1. Sorry, The process of my shapes are rooted in customs. All my shapes are specifically designed for the rider, I concentrate on what the rider is looking for in terms of performance expectations and aesthetics is secondary. Ultimately it takes trust on your part.

      If you can articulate what you are looking for with in reasonable performance standards then I can articulate my shaping to fit your needs and where you want to go with your surfing experience. For myself as a custom designer communication is key. I have people constantly inquiring, I have got a good feel for people and can easily separate the time wasters to the genuine inquires. Ask questions if you want to learn.

      If you are looking for something fashionable and popular your best bet is to buy off the rack.

    2. To Anon- Wayne is a great guy to deal with. I live on the East Coast and found out about oak Foils via the internet, had never seen one in person. Called Wayne and talked and had a few emails- took a leap of faith and ordered a Dyna Glyde - Great decision! I keep going back to Wayne even though I have to have the boards shipped because his boards WORK- plus he answers call and emails, give him a call !
      Jim N

  2. Hey Jim, Thanks for support, I like to think that most everyone that orders a custom from me are relatively sophisticated in terms of understanding designs and shapes custom tailored to the individual.

    My shapes aren't for everyone, although I can honestly say most everyone could benefit from ordering a custom from me, I don't market my boards as such. Most all of my customers have already gone down the name brand selections and bought all the hyped up "models" only to understand the value of having their own personal "model" designed and shaped custom. If you are into what OTHERS are riding then my boards aren't for you, if you are looking to personalize your next shape for YOU then I'll be able to assist you.

    It just takes some time and your willingness to take some honesty and some introspection on where and what you are expecting in your next shape, that's the difficult part, the easy part is the design and shaping.

  3. well said wayne! now can you shape me a neckbeard please, 5'8" HAHA!