Saturday, February 25, 2012

Custom OneTrick Pony Noserider for Kelly

USBlank classic density / 2" Balsa stinger, w/ black glue.
Double Volan deck with Volan knee patch. Grey resin tint / Color to sample
Volan Burnt Orange resin tint / Color to sample / Lamination by Zaima at Oceanworks
Cream resin pinline / Gloss finish wet sand 500 / Single fin box /Leash plug/hole delete.

UPDATE 3/5/12 from Kelly;

Wayne! The board is insane! It took me a couple sessions to get acclimated to it but now ive got it figured out and it's so easy to noseride it feels like cheating! I've had more 10's in the past week and a half than I have, ever! I havent even been riding my twinzer... So far I've had the log out at rincon once, Pv cove a bunch of times and tiny low tide el Porto yesterday afternoon. It is such a blast! Smooth glide and just defies gravity on the nose. Malibu is supposed to see some swell at the end of this week and I can't wait! The board just holds steady for the walk to the nose, but still allows for adjustments once I'm there. It's awesome. I love the shape and the flat deck. The lack of deck rocker at the
Nose coupled with the bevel at the very tip on the underside, has saved me from pearling a bunch of times now... Somehow the nose seems to lift Itself out of the water if I screw up and dig it when I'm paddling for a wave, or if I try to camp on the nose a little too long. I love the board Wayne, thanks for hooking me up with ( another ) piece of awesome equipment! Peace



  1. Has this all man, technological feel to it, nice

  2. yeeeeeeww! this thing levitates!

  3. I mean, seriously .... OH MY GAWD WAYNE!!!!!!! wow....WOW....just F*CKING WOW!!!!!

  4. this log is da effin bizness... ive been keeping it out of the bag and walking by it every chance i get just to admire the resin work

    1. glad you are enjoying the new "Pony" in and out of the water. :)