Monday, September 19, 2011

New Model Pocket Rocket AKA Baby Bumps for Wellsy with Hydroflex Tech

5'9" x 19" x 2.25" weighed in at 3.9lbs!

Hydroflex vacuum bagged over USBlank Orange density. Looks and feels good. Now it's time for Wells to put it through it's paces. Promising.....

Text update from Wellsy after the first sesh, "New stick-epic! Stoked. Exactly what I wanted. I am going to order 2 more EXACTLY like it!"


  1. 3.9lbs?!! how long does this process take? longer than a normal poly glass job?

    if these micro pocket rocket shapes are that much lighter I can't wait to see what XL - XXl size boards will weigh, will the weigh savings be as substantial?


  2. How's pricing? Hydroflex versus eps/epoxy?

  3. Pricing at the moment is about the same as EPS/Epoxy hand laminated.

    Besides the value it's an excellent choice for someone looking to lighten and add strength to their pu-pe shapes with out the heat sensitivities and performance quirkiness of the EPS cores.

  4. Wayne, how do you size a PR compared to a regular shortie? Thx

  5. Generally smaller and wider than their standard shortie, no specific formula. It really depends on the rider and what they are looking for.