Thursday, September 1, 2011

Custom XL Winged Skate for Jim

Update email from Jim 9/16/11

Hey Wayne-
I wanted to give you some feedback on the Wave Skate you made me.  I want compliment you, this board works great!  Just what I was looking for.
We had a smallish (waist to chest high) clean swell yesterday for me to try it out. The wave skate paddles great, catches waves REALLY good helping me to get in a bit early, creates speed pumping through the sections, carries speed through the flats, holds in on steeper faces, turns good (I had a few good full wrap cutbacks) basically does everything I wanted it to do.  When a board feels that good on the first session you KNOW it is gonna be a good one!
Put my straightedge down the length and it looks like this has a bit less nose/entry rocker and a bit more rocker in the last third than the last 7’0” you made me.  I’m an engineer I like to analyze stuff LOL
I have 2 questions:
What size waves the do guys ride these in? , do these type of shapes get a little too fast in bigger waves?.
What is the volume on this board? It feels good.
Thanks for providing me such good boards (BTW the DG has been a great board, it is always in rotation- unfortunately it is starting to show some signs of wear)


  1. Looks really good Wayne- Do you remember the nose and tail widths offhand? I think that will work good for me.

  2. whoaw. That one really appeals to me. I know you don't like giving dims, but I gotta know: how big is it?

  3. 7' X 13 3/4" X 22" X 16 1/8" X 3.0" FOAM THICKNESS

  4. Thanks Wayne. Those #'s look like they will work good, nice to be able to dial in changes from board to board.

  5. I though it was in the 6'9" range. It looks great Wayne. Great board. Thx.