Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Custom Winged Skate (NT) for Hugh

Update from Hugh 7/02/11

Hi Wayne,

Wanted to reach out and let you know how great the winged skate is! I've been so busy the last few weeks and haven't gone out as much as I normally do, but I've still been able to squeeze in some good opportunities to ride the board and its absolutely great to ride. You were right, it didn't take very long to get the feel for the board at all. One thing that actually amazed me was that even though it had some added thickness and width compared to my old board, it didn't feel like a block of foam under my feet. It goes down the line really fast, but still feels like a hp shortboard. I've been using the twin finner set up mostly and absolutely love it! For the mushy waves we've been getting, its the perfect balance of looseness and drive. It just feels amazing under my feet. I really do feel more of a connection surfing with this board then I've had with any of my others and I can't really explain it any other way.

Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to work on the art for the board because of my schedule lately, but I'm hoping either next weekend or the weekend after I'll have it painted. I'll make sure to get some pictures to you once it's done.

Truly thanks for taking the time to work with me to get the board right. It really does pay off and its been by far the most satisfying experience I've had with a shaper and a board.



  1. Hugh thanks for the update, send me pics when you get your artwork on the board! :)