Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Custom QWAD for Raymond

Update 6/18/11 from Raymond in Germany


Hi wayne,

again I'm on the way to ride some waves (sylt westerland) ! Last week I've been in Denmark. Your board is a masterpiece. The takeoff is really smooth even at bad wind driven messy conditions. Dude when I got some pics I gonna send it to you. Really a great board!



  1. Wayne this is so hot man! I can't wait to ride that board dude!!!


  2. I will try and get the board packed up for the long trip asap.

  3. is there more nose rocker than the OG qwad you made me ?

  4. Dan, the deck rocker is almost the same as yours but the curve is longer at 5'11". The Bottom rockers has more curve from the center. So, theorhetically it has different rockers but the genome is from your orginal QWAD shape. It's another strain from the same branch. ;-)

  5. Love it!
    It's still my most magic board, took it out at wedgy wind blown Porto yesterday and it still surprised me on the drops.

  6. Nice! Hows the Dyna holding up?

  7. It's doing good. I keep forgetting how fast it is and how easy I can get into trouble on it.
    It's got some good foot wells now too.

    I'm running it with a greenough 7" and two small sidebites. Awesome stuff.

  8. interesting, it's amazing how many ways the dyna series can be ridden. rare to have a shape in the arsenal that can be set up soo many ways for varying conditions. I don't think there is another shape like it. anywhere by anyone. if there is I'd would love to see it. from huge barrels in puerto to small wind blown crap its versatility is bar none.

  9. The only things that get me with the DG is having to goddamn eskimo roll it through closeouts.
    I'd really like to know how peeps are getting the big DGs out in Puerto!

    Now I'm thinking about some mutant cros breed between my Qwad and a stubby DG built around the five fin box design.

  10. I would work on perfecting the turtle roll. what's the eskimo roll? turtle roll worked great for my beasts.

    surfing big waves on big boards requires big balls. thats how they do it. :)

    Interesting on the hybrid shape, I have been thinking of something similar. QWAD upfront and a Dyna glyde tail is what I have been thinking.

  11. yeah, turtle roll. That's the one. I call it eskimo from kayaking.
    I think the hybrid DNA idea is worth pursuing.I'm thinking something around 6'.
    Now I have to get corporate approval....

  12. ah yes,.... the corporation. ;)

  13. The Eskimo roll is great. Try it with hot sauce and a little cream cheese

  14. I'm not too keen on the idea of a turtle roll.
    Unless it's with wasabi.

  15. With some soy and a couple shots of sake to wash it down. Of

  16. somewhere in this conversation is the name for the new strain.
    The Turtle?
    The Turtle's Head?
    Wasabi Roll ?