Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Model Mush Buster for Wellsy

Rocker Profile



The Daily Driver is a sub shortie hybrid designed for the high performance short board styled surfing on small, weak surf. Plenty of paddling and entry speed similar to a fish type shape but with more drive and snappiness with carve ability from the rear foot and high speed projection and rail release/control.

Designed to be ridden "ideally" 4"-7” shorter and ¾”-1 ¼” wider than your performance shortie. Will scale up nicely for XL-XXL volumes for an equalizer without losing the shortboard performance. When riding an under volumed sinking HP shortie is not an option or a fish you can’t push and bury the tail/rail on without the tail washing out..

All the good stuff of a fish with out the “phunky fishy” feeling.

Design highlights:
Rocker: Low nose entry with a mild beak. Accelerated tail rocker with a mild flip.
Deck: Subtle center crown with mild dished nose and tail area (Low pressure area for flex)
Rails: Relatively thin and boxy also incorporates tapered down rails up front to thin and boxy for sensitivity.


  1. that looks Sick!!!

  2. Whoaw! A rocker shot?! What is it? Christmas? ;)

    Love both the outline and the rocker Wayne. Short and stubby is really hot right now. I think you're gonna be making a lot of those for the summer. Nice man.

  3. Ahahaha.. Merry xmas!
    This rocker is somewhat more "involved" and the side profile is just a very small portion of the "entire" rocker profile. Not as it appears. ;)


  4. What r the dims?
    What kind of bot?

  5. IS that for Chris Wells ? Doesn't he usually take apart DOH swells?
    What does he know about the upcoming season? It's gonna be waist high all year now?

    Looks like a great board - that diamond tail should really help with maneuvers

  6. I'm gonna make 2 guesses:
    Single concave to double with V of the tail?
    5'4x 19 1/2 x2 1/2?
    I think I'm way off on the dims, but am I burning?

  7. Dan, If you have been doing this for awhile the ones in the "know" order their summer boards by spring. If you are ordering your summer board in summer you might get it by early winter. lol... You are stoked you got your QWAD. For those thinking of spring summer boards plan ahead!

    Alex, good guess1 off by a few inches in length, 1/2" in width, 1/4" in thickness.