Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chris Wells "Daily Driver" aka "Mush Buster" glassed

UPDATE 3/25/10: Another killer shot from Peter Dive
Wells bustin some mush. Secret spot. Check out Chris Wells Surf Photos / Eppicsurf to right under "Friends" some classic shots.

All these shots were taken by Peter Dive this last Sat. 3/15/10
Check out Peters site, his link to the right of this page under "Friends". Peter has taken tons of great photos of this winter.

This was Wells second day on the "Mush Buster".

Back from Oceanworks, and ready to fly!


  1. Really cool board. Should be a tone of fun this summer.

  2. Thanks Alex, I hope our spring will be as stellar as this winter. This shape would be ideal for our conditions as winter swells slow down and spring wind swells start to fill in and "trip" over our built up winter sand bars.


  3. Alex, Chris is probably the most underrated surfer in the so bay. Classic fun guy, very talented and the most loyal rider that has ridden my boards.

    Funny, I was looking through my vintage 1987 Surfer mag and theres an article of Chris as one of the highest rated and most potential amateur. Back then they used to post all the major amateur contest results and Chris would be on the podium or the winner at most contests he would enter.

    Chris didn't care much for contests and just did them as it was something his sponsers expected. He is the epitome of a true "soul surfer". I am stoked to shape his boards for over twenty years now.